Rules of Danza Grouppal


• Number of members in a group dance is restricted up to 30-35. (For Group dance)

• Performance should be of the duration 5 to 10 minutes for Group dance.

• Special attention should be paid on costume selection for respective dance performances.

• Props can be used but should be arranged by the participants themselves.

• Dangerous stunts should be avoided.

• Participants should bring the songs either in pen drive (320 KBPS) or mobile phones.

• Judges decisions are final, and they will not be required to explain standing.


Judgment Criteria

• Choreography (10)

• Song selection (10)

• Stage utilization (10)

• Expressions (10)

• Costumes (10)

• Coordination (10)


Event Wise Students Organizing Team of Nirvana

Ms.Shivangi Sharma

MBA (1st Year )

Phone: 8126249503


Mr.Shivam Bansal

MBA (1st Year )

Phone: 9045185992

Ms.Mansi Kaushik

PGDM (1st Year)

Phone: 74545954991

Ms.Palak Tayal

PGDM (1st Year)

Phone: 7417374302